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Band members
Raoul Potters

Three years of age, an upside down newspaper in his hands and a headphone on his ears, listening to what nowadays is called classic rock. Raoul was already  into the music. Around that time his love for vinyl also started and it didn’t take long before he became creative himself, by recording and making strange sounds by taping, reversing and even breaking those big old tape cassettes.

At the age of 12 he took drum-lessons for a few years. But always having self- made tunes in his head while playing, words that became poems and later on shaped into songs he shifted his passion from drums by borrowing a twelve-string acoustic guitar and started to learn to play. Two years later he switched to electric guitar and it didn’t take long before he started his first band Off Balance, together with René.

Raoul was quite successful with his band, which started with a grunge sound but later evolved in more longer symphonical musical pieces. They won a band competition at Bibelot, Dordrecht and played various great gigs. Until they decided that the well was dry…
Raoul continued where he started his musical carrier: writing lyrics and making songs or sounds at home, using Line 6 recording gear, a keyboard, guitar and microphone. Always songs without the basic structure and length. Because in his opinion there are no rules in music as long as it sounds nice.

He continued this until he felt the time was right to show his talents to the outer world again, together with René and other talented souls: and now Profuna Ocean was born.

Raoul’s gear: Otentic CT guitar (designed&build by Rene Meulmeester) with JS Moore vintage single coil and Dimarzio Air Norton pickups. Fender Strat American guitar, Fender Strat Mexican guitar with JS Moore custom handwound pickups/ humbucker, Marshall JCM 900 Top (only for the tubes), Line 6 4x12 Cabinet, Line 6 Pod XT live Effect Pedal, Boss Chorus/Acoustic Simulator/Octaver pedal, D'addario and Ernie Ball 010 strings, Jim Dunlop 1 mm and Peavey .73mm picks, all sort of slides, Senheiser e835 microphone, MXL 2006 studio microphone.

Arjan Visser

Arjan started his first musical steps already  before he could even walk. After classes in general music shaping he started to play the keyboards.

After four years he felt it was time to bring more depth and feeling into his music, which made him switch to the piano. While his teachers educated him several years in classical music, he also started to find his roots in blues, boogie, jazz and pop. During this period he also appeared on stage on a regular base to brighten up weddings and other parties, together with some friends.

At the present Arjan composes his own piano music. In his music he likes to experiment with unusual rhythms and keys, with a large role for alternation and dynamics.

His interest for rock music made him decide in 2004 to start playing bass besides piano. In a matter of time he became a member of Frozen Flames with whom he gigged already around  30 times. In his bass playing he developed his own style with a strong and tight base in which he is always searching for suitable moments for fast fills and melodious bass lines.

With Profuna Ocean Arjan wanted to bring an extra dimension to his playing and found this in a change to a fretless bass because in his opinion the options of playing fretless matches perfectly with the progressive ideas of the music of Profuna Ocean and gives him the opportunity to seek continuously for a right balance between groove, melody and fills.

In June 2008 the USA Americana/Blues Rock artist Shawn Jones – the former lead guitar player of Waylon Jennings during the Lollapalooza tour with Metallica a.o. – invited Arjan (together with Fred) to join him on bass during his tour in the Netherlands.

Arjans gear: Cort Artisan (fretless)and Ibanez Soundgear 505, SWR 350 X (with classic SWR tube preamp), SWR WorkingMan's 4x10" and SWR Son of Bertha 15".

Rene Visser

Where all the boys were playing soccer, René started his musical carrier by playing his father’s records en making music on an old organ. Soccer, or any kind of sports, weren’t on his mind for a second. That’s why he started playing music. First on the organ. Later (a bit more sophisticated) on his keyboard.

But playing along with the hits of the 80’s and 90’s wasn’t what he really had in mind of being a musician. Due to his new interests in music about that time he decided to buy a guitar and thought himself to play along with the rock songs he was listening to at that moment. Driving the neighborhood crazy with his howlin’ sounds of a distorted guitar he practiced till his fingers bled.

In the year 2000 he started to play the guitar in the rockband Off Balance. The sound of this band changed from grungerock to a more symphonic sound and René went back to what he did long before and started to play the keyboards as well. With this new progressive sound they did gigs at different venues and even won a band battle at Bibelot, Dordrecht before the band broke up, but where one thing ends another starts and with off Balance front man Raoul starts Profuna Ocean.

With Profuna Ocean René focuses on the keyboards. Inspired by the soundscapes of Porcupine Tree’s Richard Barbieri and the great Hammond parts of Pink Floyd’s Richard Wright , he tries to create atmospheric layers, freaking sounds and orchestral parts, all this where it suits the music. Therefore he puts his Roland Fantom G7 and Roland Juno D to the limit.

Fred den Hartog

Before taking place behind a drumkit Fred learned his tight drumming skills as a member of the local harmony band and later on with the Royal Airforce Drum Corps with whom he gave shows for crowds consisting of tens of thousands of people.

At the age of twenty-six he taught himself to drum, by just listening to the music he liked and it didn’t take long before he became a member of a local band, called Blind Fury and later on Garlic. After two years he started his own band Sanity, together with Jeroen Hoegee a.o. with whom they were reasonably succesfull and they played more than sixty concerts in two years time in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany until the band broke up in 2005.

Until 2008 – before he joined Profuna Ocean – Fred mainly spent his time practicing his drum skills in various styles and following master classes from renowned drummers such as Cesar Zuiderwijk (Golden Earring).

In that time he also toured two times with the UK punk band The Duel in The Netherlands, Germany, Austria and UK and was asked to join Shawn Jones – the former lead guitar player of Waylon Jennings during the Lollapalooza tour with Metallica a.o. – to accompany him on his Dutch tour.

Fred has an extended Tama Starclassic Performer drumkit with Amedia cymbals (with special thanks to Patsticks).