‘Continuation’ Radio Release

Continuation radio release

If you missed FutureFeature’s radio show on Profuna Ocean’s album ‘Continuation’ release, with all excellent tracks and musicianship, you can listen on Mixcloud anytime! Or maybe you want to play it again? And buy it! Enjoy!!

Radio release show of PROFUNA OCEAN’s new EP ‘Continuation’. Future Feature will play you new songs from the Continuation album. There will be a chat with the band in between and dig into their musical history a bit, because the past paints the future. Check it out at Future Feature this Friday in our chatroom and talk to bandmembers!! https://progcoreradio.com/clavardage/

New EP ‘Continuation’

New EP ‘Continuation’

The genesis of the Dutch band Profuna Ocean goes back to 2008, when four kindred spirits with a taste for well thought through compositions, sweeping melodies and powerful rock sounds decided to take their listeners on a musical trip of epic proportions. Their new EP “Continuation” gives us a unified musical experience while rooted in their own blend of alternative rock, but with different themes and stories for each of the songs, with a wide range of emotional experiences ahead.

Raoul: “There is no overarching theme for the EP; these are five separate songs that were written in the same musical intention as we always have – songs inspired by things that have transpired in our world and keep us awake at night. For instance, the track ‘NRA’ is about the shootings in the United States, whereas ‘Cc Song’ was written after Chris Cornell’s passing, a musician we all have come to love and respect over the years.”
René: “Our music begins with Raoul, who writes the bulk of the material and demo’s it in his home studio, before we refine this in our rehearsal studio and turn it into a true Profuna Ocean song. For “Continuation”, we deliberately chose to keep the songs concise and to the point, instead of adding more and more music to the whole.”

This is Profuna Ocean’s first release on MEY Productions. Arjan explains: “The switch in labels was a gradual one, not deliberate; our drummer Fred has always had cordial contact with Ben van Gastel from their Sylvium days. We’ve always had a clear idea of what we wanted to achieve with our music and felt that MEY Productions was on the same page as us. Releasing our EP on MEY Productions was a natural step for us; a wind of change that will bring us new inspirations as well as a bigger fanbase to share our musical stories with.”

Profuna Ocean’s “Continuation” EP will be released on the 27th of September 2020 .