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Watching The Closing Sky full in the picture at VOS-FM
Monday, June 7 our album will be full in the picture in La Villa Strangiato, a radioshow at VOS-FM hosted by Erwin Klokgieters.
The show will be from 21:00 to 23:00 and you can listen it here
6/3/2010 10:12:01 PM added by PR
Show with Knight Area postponed
Unfortunately we have to tell you that, due to personal circumstances at Knight Area, the show planned for June 12 is postponed. Ut Sjor will try to reschedule this show end of this year, beginning of 2011.
6/3/2010 9:34:32 PM added by PR
Thank you Rick Wakeman!!!
Last Saturday the legendary keyboard player from Yes, Rick Wakeman gave our track Changing Legacy airplay at his radioshow at Planet Rock radio. We were very proud to hear our CD Watching The Closing Sky is part of his personal collection.
6/1/2010 9:50:21 PM added by PR
Supporting Di-Rect at the Zomerfeesten!!!
We are very proud to announce Profuna Ocean is invited to support the major Dutch rock act Di-Rect at the Zomerfeesten (Summerfest) in Gorinchem on August 10th. This means we will have our first show to play for an audience of many, many thousands.
5/19/2010 8:48:33 PM added by PR
Double concert with Schizoid Lloyd
We are invited by our friends from Schizoid Lloyd to join them at their concert at Poppodium Jailhouse in Middelharnis on May 22. and we didn't need a minute to give them a big yes on this. It will be the ultimate moment to experience what the new generation of progressive rock in The Netherlands has to offer you.
5/8/2010 7:53:25 PM added by PR
This Friday Profuna Ocean plays for De Grote Prijs van Ridderkerk
A last minute call: Profuna Ocean is invited to join 'De Grote Prijs van Ridderkerk' this Friday. When we win this bandcompetition we will play at several festivals. So be there to support the band!
5/4/2010 10:49:58 PM added by PR
Penultimate show before summer stop
On May 29 we will give the penultimate show before the summer stop in Musicon, Den Haag. It will be a double show together with our good friends from Eyes Can't See. It absolutely will be an exciting show, so you definitely shouldn't miss this one.
5/2/2010 5:05:30 PM added by PR
Last night: tired of an incredible driven show with spectacular video and heavy competition: but finally rewarded as winner of The Beachbattle. One of the prices will be a support slot for one of our heroes in De Boerderij, Zoetermeer!
A special thank you for all our friends who sometimes came from far away to Schevingen to support us in the finals, we wouldn't have managed this without you! No pictures this time: they won't express our feelings...
4/11/2010 1:11:15 PM added by PR
We need your support April 10 at the Beatchbattle
April 10 Profuna Ocean will play the finals of the Beachbattle at Saturnus, Scheveningen. The winner of this contest will receive studio time, a photoshoot, a support slot for a very well known act in De Boerderij and price money. Because votes of the audience is a part of the judging we need you to be there, support us and help us to win this contest.
4/7/2010 11:45:02 AM added by PR
Proud on our first official videoclip
We're very proud that we may announce our first official videoclip today, directed by the very talented film and videoproduction company Framecat. They choose for Lost Inside (The Landscape) for this production, one of the tracks of our album 'Watching The Closing Sky'

3/3/2010 9:02:55 AM added by PR
Last pictures are taken at Dutch exposure Live, Xinix, Nieuwendijk at May 4, 2013
At this moment there are no scheduled shows. Contact your favorite venues to meet us soon in your neighbourhood.
May 13, 2011
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