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Watching The Closing Sky
The Ripple Effect -  Pope JTE
This disc should have been given its due love earlier than now ... They have their own unique voice to the whole progressive rock thing. They incorporate heavy passages with sweeping ambient elements to create lush soundscapes and epic journeys in music ... This is the kind of prog that I can get behind because it’s not all “Look Mom! I can play a million notes faster than that guy!” It’s the kind of prog that takes a standard composition and applies sweeping brush strokes of color to the sound, injects the song with fresh ideas or unusual approaches towards execution of ideas. It’s the kind of prog that doesn’t lose the emotion for the sake of the technical wizardry.
Watching The Closing Sky
Music Street Journal -  Gary Hill
Profuna Ocean’s blend of progressive rock conjures up a lot of different acts, but they still maintain a unique identity ... a soaring modern progressive rock journey ... killer instrumental segments ... another killer piece of music ... fusion-like elements
Watching The Closing Sky
Rock a Rolla Webzine -  Javier Salaverry (original review in Spanish)
... Although I don’t like this genre of music, it’s a fact (incredible!) that ‘Watching The Closing Sky’didn’t bored me at all. The potential and good ideas leaves me with the feeling that we’re witnessing a decent and humane album where the songs are privileged above instrumental masturbation as done by 99% of the prog bands ...
Watching The Closing Sky
8 Weekly -  Joost Festen (original review in Dutch)
With ‘Watching The Closing Sky’ this four-piece band acquires direct international attention ... these four songs form a unit with a blessing flow through your speakers from the first to the last note ... a pleasure to listen to during the whole day ... you only can conclude this is a group with potential but also a group that delivered a very succesfull debut. This CD/EP is an initial aptitude test and stands like a rock in the prog rock world.
Watching The Closing Sky (9 out of 10)
Progressive Waves -  Proggi (review in French)
... the guitar recalls very strongly the excellent song ‘The Cross’ from the album ‘Generation 13’ of Saga in sound and atmosphere ... ‘Changing Legacy’ leaves you stunned with true happiness. It is a very long time ago that the first album of a band gives you such an absolute feeling ... you will have the impression that there is no or almost non effect used but you’re also certain this is exactly as it should be ... at the end of each piece you feel that you just heared the best. What is it if that’s not the sign of greatness ... Profuna Ocean, if they are progressing, will they aim perhaps 11/10?
Watching The Closing Sky (9 out of 15)
Progressive Newsletter -  Wolfram Ehrhardt (review in German)
... atmospheric sound arches, rhythmic rock attacks and a voice similar to Steven Wilson ... mainly located in the new art rock, but also have psychedelic and neo-progressive elements implemented ... a delicate-melodic to floating-rocking sound ... a very nice disc, where the melodies also remain liable.
Watching The Closing Sky (8 out of 10)
Powerplay -  Martin Howell
This is a band who aren’t afraid to stretch themselves musically, and they’re all the better for it ... a psychedelic tinged riff that builds into the kind of thing Mostly Autumn would do, but without the fiddles and whistles ... light parts, heavy parts, though not too heavy and basically very good, inventive music ... the music is complex, incentive, good solid prog ... if you’re in the mood for something a little laid back, then this is a really good listen ... a bit of folk thing going on at times and this works really well for the band ...
Watching The Closing Sky (12 out of 13)
Roomthirteen -  Paul Chesworth
... making great headway over a short space of time ... great passages of music, rising and falling like the, well……Ocean! Profuna know when to hold back and when to give their music some well needed oomph! ... you can tell that this guy has no rules, as long as it sounds great then that’s good enough, and it is! ... the grand and mighty S.C.I.T.S. prove that there is much more in the tank ... Great potential, highly recommended
Watching The Closing Sky
Metal Almanac -  Ralph
Profuna Ocean now add their exclamation mark to this scene ... the opener sometimes rocks relatively straight for a progressive rock song – but no fear, that´s good ... in the footsteps of those great progressive rock heroes like Pink Floyd or the later Marillion with Steve Hogarth – but these comparisons only are to offer a certain description for you ... I think we can expect a lot more from this quartet in the future
Watching The Closing Sky (7 out of 10)
Extended Mix -  Roger Öhrström (review in Swedish)
... four chilled out and relaxing tracks ... the special feeling of relaxation you can experience from bands as Pink Floyd, early Porcupine Tree, early Marillion, early Galahad or IQ ... possibly you can imagine a pinch of Radiohead, or maybe Pure Reason Revolution ... "Sad Silhouette" makes me as relaxed and calm as when I listen to Porcupine Tree's "Russia on Ice" ... this is a band that is on the right track and when they get the chance to record a new album with a bit bigger budget it will be really great