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Watching The Closing Sky
Get Ready To Rock -  Joe Geesin
The music is British melodic prog, strong hints of Marillion, but with touches of RPWL and Rush ... there are time changes Steve Harris would be proud of ... the keyboards add an orchestrated dimension, while the riffs are stronger than your average prog rock band ... worth a listen
Watching The Closing Sky (3+ out of 5)
Background Magazine -  Cor Smeets
... typical Dutch neo-prog, reminding me of bands like PTS, Wings of Steel and Marathon ... guitar solos in David Gilmour style and the very well played bass and drums in the background ... the magnum opus of Watching The Closing Sky is the last track entitled S.C.I.T.S. ... I expect them soon on the Dutch podia, because they shortly start a tour with Dutch prog and jazz rock legend Alquin.
Watching The Closing Sky (76 out of 100)
Rock Realms - 
... Every base is firmly rooted in progressive rock but the influences come from far and wide. There are 70's nuances, metal-istic interludes, jazz and blues chords, and pure rock ball-swinging ... 'Changing Legacy' is like Radiohead meeting a darker version of Yes ... 'Lost Inside (The Landscape)': the centre is like a symphonic version of System Of A Down ... 'Sad Silhouette' reminds me of a deeply progressive take on the Smashing Pumpkins ... 'S.C.I.T.S.': tribal drums, chill out synth's, a Pink Floyd solo and even (possibly) Slayer playing a concert on an intergalactic spaceship ... much to offer both the serious prog aficionado and fans of chilled-rock ... for all their mellow wanderings, they manage to hint at brilliance ...
Watching The Closing Sky (8.5 out of 10)
Imperiumi -  Kalevi Heino (Review in Finnish)
... a remarkable ability to create exceptional, yet natural combinations with different music styles, a fact that lifts the band from the mass of most modern day progsters ... from a driver pop song into a 14 minute knot of prog, that has more different parts than an average band has decent songs per album ... I just hope a dedicated record label grabs them up and gives them a decent studio time ... this music just deserves to be heared.
Watching The Closing Sky -  (Review in Dutch)
The music has a clarity and lightness which I find very pleasant, and never sound cumbersome or heavy ... tempo and volume changes, dreamy lyrics and long instrumental passages. But the lapse is never annoying difficult or overpowered ... Profuna Ocean proves that even in the symphonic genre 'less' can be 'more'
Watching The Closing Sky (8 out of 10)
Powermetal -  Stefan Kayser (review in German)
A recommended new discovery in Prog rock ... introverted and melancholic ... attracts the listener so imperceptibly into the sound world ... after a chorus with a catchy nature spreads a long instrumental passage from which the characteristics flows from Marillion to Pink Floyd to Porcupine Tree ... if you are in to the quieter sound of prog rock you can't go wrong with this disc.
Watching The Closing Sky (6.5 out of 10)
Sleaze Metal -  Frank (review in German)
The melodies are catchy, but not so easy ... this basic framework in combination with rock music is an interesting mix ... an excellent job for a debut ... In one way this band is for lovers of the genre but in the other way it's a band that should be observed by the larger genre labels.
Watching The Closing Sky (7 out of 10)
Dutch Progressive Rock Pages -  Menno von Brucken Fock
... reminds me of the earlier works by Eloy, even Raoul’s vocal sounds a bit like Frank Bornemann’s sometimes ... the end of this song, very nice, symphonic and ‘Floydish’ ... then the music shifts into a more popular direction, think of Cloudmachine meeting Dire Straits ... extremely symphonic instrumental interludes with nice guitar solos ... References could be Arena or Pendragon ... The final part of this epic melody-wise is a tribute to Pink Floyd ... Altogether a stunning debut with great melodies and a fine atmosphere, proving the genre of symphonic progressive rock is alive & kicking!
Watching The Closing Sky (10 out of 10)
Heavy -  Stefan Glas (review in German)
This quartet creates a real lightning start ... mature and expressive ...'SCITS' shows with the dualism of swinging-catchy chorus on one side and extensive instrumental parts on the other hand, to have the potential to become a prog classic ... imaginative and atmospheric progressive rock ... distinguished factor is that this combo found their own sound ... No question about this: Profuna Ocean will feel quickly how it will be to play into the heart of the progressive community.
Watching The Closing Sky (7.5 out of 10)
Rocktimes -  Michael Knoppik (review in German)
S.C.I.T.S. has a similar role as the final track, "Summerland" on the eponymous album by Poor Genetic Material ... This is what you actually dare to call Progressive Rock ... The genre is not reinvented, but this is music that can grab ... Finally again an exciting album!