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Watching The Closing Sky (12 out of 13)
Roomthirteen -  Paul Chesworth
I can't work out if Profuna Ocean’s CD is an album or EP. Weighing in with four tracks and a (hefty) 37 minutes or so - which is still probably longer than most bands efforts these days (pop bands etc) even the new Kiss album is shorter! I’m erring on the side of caution and proclaiming its an EP.

A relatively new band, hailing from The Netherlands, I can see Profuna Ocean making great headway over a short space of time. On first listening the inluences are clear to hear. An atmospheric musical blend of 80’s Rush, Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd, Opeth, all of the mellower moments of these bands combining to make great passages of music, rising and falling like the, well……Ocean! Profuna know when to hold back and when to give their music some well needed oomph!
All written by the talented guitarist and singer, Raoul Potters, its just another example of great song writing combined with (atmos) spherical keys. Its not to be pigeon-holed into the typical Progressive genre, you can tell that this guy has no rules, as long as it sounds great then that’s good enough…and it is!
On the basis of the songs, Changing Legacy (reminds me of Rush, Test For Echo period), Lost Inside (The Landscape), Sad Silhouette and the grand and mighty S.C.I.T.S., Profuna Ocean prove that there is much more in the tank. A full album will be greatly received by fans of this type of music. Great potential, highly recommended